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2022-09-24 00:27:05 By : Ms. Jessica Chan

ALDI is dishing out a new range of kitchen appliances in Special Buys, including a $59.99 electric food slicer (hello charcuterie board), a $129 air fryer oven, and a $29.99 frozen dessert maker (for frosé, of course).

The budget supermarket’s latest kitchen range will be available in select stores and online from Wednesday, 22 December − just in time for Christmas.

The range also includes a 118L outdoor drinks mini fridge for $499 and a K-Fee Lattensia+ coffee capsule machine for $399. Both are available exclusively online.

On the cheaper side, there’s also a food processor for only $79.99, a food dehydrator and vacuum food sealer for $39.99 (perfect for those Christmas leftovers), and an electric knife for $19.99. There’s also an Expressi coffee capsule machine for $99.99 and a milk frother for $49.99.

Ok, let’s start with the big daddy of the range – the 118L Outdoor Beverage Chiller for $499. It comes with a lockable double-glazed glass door and two adjustable wire rack shelves to stash your drinks and keep your beers cool 24/7.

The next big-ticket item on sale is the Stirling 23L Air Fryer Oven for $129. It features eight cooking functions including pizza and dehydrate, and has a large enough capacity to fit a whole chicken. It also comes with a digital display, an adjustable timer, and temperature controls, as well as accessories like a frying basket, grill rack, food tray, and pizza pan.

Next, is the Food Processor for $79.99. It features a 2L food processor and 1.5L blender jug, variable speed controls, as well as pulse, ice, and smoothie functions. It also comes with various attachments like steel cutting discs and emulsifying discs, as well as a spatula, grinder mill, and citrus press.

There’s also the Ambiano Electric Food Slicer for $59.99. It features a serrated blade for bread or frozen foods and a flat blade for cold meats, with an adjustable thickness of 3-15mm. It also has a removable food holder with a safety guard to keep your fingers intact.

The Ambiano Vacuum Food Sealer for $39.99 comes with three functions, and a powerful 9L per minute pressure. It has an extra-wide 2.5mm sealing depth and it is said to be able to seal over 100 bags without overheating.

For the same price and fans of beef jerky, there’s also the Ambiano Food Dehydrator ($39.99). This model is fan-powered and comes with a digital control panel and adjustable temperature and time controls. It also features five BPA-free height-adjustable drying trays.

For desserts and frozen drinks lovers, ALDI’s Frozen Treat Maker will be on sale for $29.99. It features two ice block moulds and detachable parts for easy cleaning.

ALDI’s budget Expressi Coffee Capsule Machine will also be on sale for $99.99. It features a 19-bar pump pressure, programmable settings for cup quantity, automatic capsule ejection, and an automatic start/stop function. It’s available in black or white to suit your kitchen decor.

Keep in mind that Special Buys are only available while stocks last. You can check the Special Buys Stock Checker on ALDI’s website for stock availability in stores in your area.

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