Automatic filling machine line, wine filling production line

Automatic filling machine line, Wine filling production machineproduct phototechnical parametersModelTechnical ParameterFilling HeadsOutputBottle HeightBottle Dia.Filling TolerancePowerDimension     pcsbottles/hourmmmmmlkwmmGCP-12A123000140-340≤100±0.5%0.751100x1050x2100GCP-18A1845000.751280x11

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Automatic filling machine line, Wine filling production machine

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Automatic Filling Machine Line, Wine Filling Production Machine
technical parameters

ModelTechnical Parameter
Filling HeadsOutputBottle HeightBottle Dia.Filling TolerancePowerDimension     

main features

1. Level Positioning filling:it fills based on the liquid pressure difference.It is an avoidance of foaming when filling.

2. Long Life:the filling valve has the precise structure, reliable and durable.

3. Filling in a spraying way:the liquid flows along the inner wall of the bottle, which effectively controls foaming.

4. A small loss of the bottles:it has the elastic bottle hold to protect bottles not be broken.

5. Not filling if no bottles:it does not fill if there is no bottle or the bottle mouth is broken, which enhance the filling quality.

6. Convenient to maintain:the filling valve is easy to disassemble and clean. Description of the machine:this equipment is mainly used the level positioning filling for easy-foaming liquid such as red wine,yellow wine,soy sauce and vinegar etc.

 what you need to tell us (for a whole set filling line)

1. bottle dimension and bottle material

2. cap dimension and cap type   

3. drink kind (water, wine, beverage, oil...?)

4. production capacity

5. label dimension and label material

6. packing type and packing material

7. workshop size

8. other requirement

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